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E-learning is witnessing a massive surge amidst the pandemic

The rapid growth of digitalization is opening new opportunities for those who want to dip their toes in the IT sector. Considering the recent lockdowns and layouts from various businesses now would be the time to upgrade your knowledge.

IntelliPaat, a professional certification, and E-learning company considers this to be the time for people to increase their current skills and learn some new as well. Providing courses into Web Technologies, Data Science, Cloud computing, and AI, IntelliPaat strives to reach the top by offering affordable courses.

The CEO and founder of IntelliPaat Diwakar Chittora has stated that since COVID-19 has forced people to be locked down, the companies are taking steps to allow their workers to work from home. Some who were hesitant to switch their workforce into remote positions are now making a dramatic shift, which is bringing us to a new world of digitalization.

Schools and colleges are one of the largest hit sectors, and while online teaching has not been a standard so far, it wasn’t something new exactly, but it was rather underutilized. The increase in online teaching in the midst of a pandemic is to be expected, and it could take a life of its own once it all ends.

The entire situation was a blessing in disguise for IntelliPaat, their website traffic has spiked, increasing by 30% over the last month, and with it, the number of students has also increased by 40%. Before the pandemic the expected increase of their business was 10% annually, however, because of the situation, the entire industry is expected to get boosted by an additional 10% – 15%, making the yearly growth of the business up to 25%.

Udemy, Udacity, Pluralsight, Coursera, and a couple of others are the leading players in the field globally, but the competition has not hindered with IntelliPaat’s success. They have still been able to provide outstanding training as well as the delivery of it, which in return brought them a 100% annual growth.

They believe at IntelliPaat that the major difference is their understatement of needed skills for each learner, and the help they receive towards achieving the end result. The majority of learners are professionals who are working in a certain industry for more than a year, and they strive to make a career shift by learning some of the high-end skills in markets like AI, data science, business intelligence, or big data. With more time on their hand, a lot of the learners are taking repeated courses, which are always available.

The thorough research at IntelliPaat has made them able to create advanced courses. Someone who would enroll in a Data Science course learns more than the Data Science algorithms, like Statistics, Python, machine learning algorithms, and more, everything that is required for someone to become successful in that field. The courses are created in order to provide a hands-on experience over multiple projects and assignments, which in return will make the learner have skills as if they were a professional with six months of experience in their field.

After finishing the course, learners are not abandoned to find a job on their own, in case they need one, IntelliPaat has a job portal with more than 500 employers and 600 jobs listed. On top of that, they are also prepared for an interview beforehand.

The majority of competitors are using stating learning videos, something that’s not the case with IntelliPaat, who also provide the 24/7 support for students which is unheard of from anyone else in the e-learning field.

All of the success is even greater since their competitors are suffering losses, the recipe for success, besides the dedication towards customer has been in their focus on the demand in industries. Some subjects like AI, cloud computing, and web development are in need of more workers.

Diwakar Chittora has pointed out that nearly half of the time we spend in our lives nowadays is spent by interacting with technology. Platforms like Uber, Flipkart, Ola, and Myntra are using the technology that makes everyone’s life easier, which is why people are switching to them quickly.

Fifteen years ago it would be hard to believe that 20% of people would shop online, which is expected to increase up to 50% over the next ten years. The self-driving cars are on the rise, and in the near future something like that will be common, the technology is obviously impacting our daily lives.
With technology and automation on the rise, we can also expect the machines to replace people in certain fields, which should be a sign enough that new skills are going to be crucial for people who want to make a switch.

The vision at IntelliPaat is to enhance the career growth potential of professionals with current 150 courses in their portfolio, but it’s expected to grow into 250 courses shortly.

The largest footprint of the company has been in India’s largest cities of Bangalore, Chennai, and Prune, but it’s expected to expand over into smaller cities as well. IntelliPaat won’t stop there, they are expecting to dive overseas in the next three years.

The courses are launched in collaboration with the E&ICT department of IIT Guwahati’s university, and these courses are supposed to provide industry exposure to professionals. Those who enroll in these courses won’t be stopped from working considering that classes are also held on the weekend, despite being taught by IIT faculty and other professionals from the industry.

The CEO and owner of IntelliPaat also gives his support to future entrepreneurs, saying that the journey to his goal was wonderful, and hopes others will have it like that. That journey, of course, was not an overnight success, the most important advice he can give is that you should try again, no matter how many times you fail.

In the end, when you do reach that goal, it is important to provide the best experience to customers so they always stay loyal to you.

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