Web technology behind some of your favorite websites (even adult ones)

The main thing you do notice when entering your favorite website is always on the front, the interface is super important to each and every user. Each website works on lines and lines of code, and all of those use a different kind of technology for different kind of functions when you combine them you get what you see. It still doesn’t mean that they’re all built on a different kind of principle, but it does seem some sites are better than the others in terms of quality. Some sites are slow and function on lower resolutions, simply because the technology behind them is outdated and outright unacceptable in a world where HD should be a standard.

The use of technological advancements doesn’t bypass pornography, from the times of first photographs to black and white films, and now the internet, it has all made a valuable impact on the society and sexual content alike. Even some new and not so much standardized technologies like VR have been used to alleviate the sexual content to new heights and let’s face it, every one of us thought of getting their hands on a VR set with a certain dirty thought in our minds.

Pornographic content is widespread on the internet, the sheer amount of data and traffic that goes through each site is abnormal, making it one of the most popular forms of entertainment nowadays, which can be further cemented by the fact that 4 porn sites are in the top 20 most visited websites in the world.

Whenever you decide to go online and treat yourself to some eye candy on sex chats, remember that technology stands behind what you’re witnessing.

Sex camming is one of those things that is seeing a rise in usage, and as such, it is also implementing newer features.

Live sex cams website, like any other one, is usually experiencing better feedback from users, the greater their quality of service is, which includes the website.

The main focus of this article is on the foundation of websites and having a relevant talk about all the layers that hide behind the show should be important, so let’s start with the basics, taking one of the most popular sex chat sites as an example – Livejasmin.

XHTML is used to load assets like headings, paragraphs, and stylesheets, along with its predecessor HTML, it is the staple of the world wide web, as well as JavaScript and CSS both of which are present in Livejasmin’s website.

CSS enables the separation of content and presentation, including colors, fonts, and layouts. It enables shared formatting of multiple web pages, thus increasing the control and flexibility of characteristics presentation. Javascript is able to do many things, it is used to create a web page, however, in this case, it is also able to collect information about your viewing device. Be it a laptop, handheld device, or even some VR equipment, it will include the information about it, and also the device brand, OS, even in some cases information about your CPU.

All of this is used to simply optimize your viewing experience, so it can detect what kind of quality would best suit your device.

The third-party tools are also in use, namely AJAX and Google Tag Manager. AJAX is allowing a web application to simultaneously send and receive information, so if you hover over a certain tab, it is able to show you some real-time statistics like the number of viewers, while also sending the data back to the server if you happen to be one of those viewers.

Google Tag Manager allows for an easier management and marketing deployment on the website without the need for a code change, which is incredibly helpful. The site can add new or update existing ads, or manage analytics on multiple platforms.

Now if you visit a certain site, and use it more times, suddenly familiar faces will pop up, wonder why that is? You’re being tracked! No, seriously, no matter how creepy it might sound to an average user, everything you do online can be used by websites to give you something similar to what you are watching. Every click you’re making is used to bring you a certain type of content or an ad that is making you more likely to click it. That’s what Google Analytics is for, it assists sites in their targeting. 

HTML5 is one more in the line of newer technologies that are used, an evolution of HTML, which allows the creation of a website without the use of plug-ins like Java and Flash. HTML5 enables video and audio to be played on a website.

You do not have to understand these types of programming languages and tools in depth. Some of these are no recent news, simply because some standards regarding the internet haven’t been drastically changed in recent years. Some like data tracking is responsible for your favorite sites to be on top of their game. The pornographic industry saw the breakthrough with the internet, and sex chats are starting to keep up. Having a computer in your room is nothing out of the ordinary today, to be a cam-girl all you need is a solid camera, which is not that big of an investment.

As technology gets better you can bet that sex chats and other forms of fun and information on websites will be keeping up, so far it has brought us quite a lot of fun and it will in the future as well.

The core of the internet still needs to be shaken up, because so far not all of the sites have stepped up their game. Some are still using the older techniques, which doesn’t mean they are necessarily bad, but they certainly aren’t optimized for all users across different platforms. The resulting gap in quality translates to website popularity, some live sex cams aren’t able to use HD quality for their streams. When quality suffers so do the models, users, and everyone in between.

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